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10-Year Limited Warranty and Registration


Our wish is that our customers place as much trust in their Snaidero Kitchen as we do. Our full warranty makes this wish come true. By choosing a Snaidero Kitchen you can adhere to the Snaidero USA 10-Year Warranty Program.

Starting from the delivery date, which must be certified by the sales document issued by your dealer, your luxury kitchen is guaranteed for 10 years against any kind of manufacturing defect. Any manufacturing defects found should be reported exclusively to your dealer within two months of discovery. In the event that the dealer you purchased your kitchen from is no longer an authorized Snaidero dealer, you can find the details of your nearest authorized dealer by contacting Customer Service.


All Snaidero cabinetry purchased from an authorized Snaidero USA Dealer in the United States is warranted by Snaidero USA against defects of materials or workmanship for a full ten (10) years starting from the delivery date, which must be certified by the sales document issued by your dealer. The 10-year warranty is subject to the terms herein described. Snaidero USA further warrants all door hinges and drawer slides under normal use against defects of material or workmanship for as long as you own your cabinetry subject to the terms herein described. Snaidero USA's responsibility and liability is limited solely to repairing or replacing, as Snaidero USA may determine in its sole discretion, any such defective product.

The foregoing warranties (referred to as this "Limited Warranty") are for the benefit of the original purchaser only as registered with Snaidero USA and do not cover, nor do they apply:
(I) to any defect or malfunction that is not caused by Snaidero USA
(II) to any cabinets or materials which are abused, neglected, improperly stored, subjected to direct sunlight, unreasonable temperatures or conditions, or altered or modified in any way
(III) to any improper installation repair, use, or maintenance
(IV) to graining, color tone, pattern or shade variations, or aging in wood or other natural products
(V) to any expenses involved in removing, transporting, or installing any merchandise.

Some Snaidero USA products contain natural hardwood finishes that may make the cabinet both beautiful and unique. Hardwood finishes inherently have their own personality and variation in color, texture and grain pattern because they are a natural material. Natural hardwood variations often include distinctive grain patterns or unusual shadings of color. As with other natural materials, Snaidero USA hardwood cabinets will be affected by environmental factors such as natural and artificial lighting. You can expect to see the color gradually change and mellow over time. Accordingly, due to the unique qualities inherent in the natural hardwoods used in some Snaidero USA cabinetry, Snaidero USA is not responsible for the actual degree of variation that may characterize your cabinetry purchase.

If you experience any defect of materials or workmanship covered by this Limited Warranty, you must first report the nature of the claimed defect in writing to the independently owned and operated Dealer from whom you purchased the cabinetry.

If the Dealer is unavailable or fails to respond to you in writing within fifteen (15) days of your notification, you must then notify Snaidero USA in writing by stating the nature of the claimed defects. Address: Snaidero USA | 19700 S. Vermont Avenue #102 | Torrance, CA 90502 | sales@snaidero-usa.com

Within forty-five (45) days after receipt of written notice by Snaidero USA, Snaidero USA, in its sole discretion shall repair or replace any defective item covered by this Limited Warranty.

If you are dissatisfied with Snaidero USA's performance of this Limited Warranty, you must submit the matter for non-binding mediation before the American Arbitration Association of Los Angeles, California. You and Snaidero USA will each be responsible for one-half of the mediation and administrative expenses incurred for the mediation. You are required to submit any dispute under this Limited Warranty to mediation before pursuing any legal or equitable remedies. If you are not satisfied with the mediation result, you have the right to bring an action at law or equity to resolve disputes concerning this Limited Warranty.


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