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Snaidero and the evolution of modern kitchen design in the last decade

There is no better way to understand the changes in home living than studying the evolution of kitchen design through the years. After looking at the kitchen trends from the ‘60s through the ‘90s and the functional and aesthetic innovations of the kitchens at the start of the new Millennium, we now conclude with a recap of what the last few years have brought us.


In 2006, the exhibiting floor of Eurocucina, the international kitchen trade show in Milan, Italy showed how manufacturers were trying to deal with the two biggest market demands: for increased personality, on one hand, and for blends of traditional and contemporary styles, on the other. Snaidero presented two kitchens in line with such trends.

VENUS - designer: Paolo Pininfarina

On the personality front, Venus offered curves, symmetryes, and vibrant colors for a zestier aesthetic without sacrificing ergonomics and functionality.

Snaidero's Venus luxury kitchen design

FLORENCE – designer: Lucci Orlandini

Nothing like Venus, the Florence kitchen was designed to continue the development of transitional design: a growing trend appealing to those not quite ready to commit to a fully contemporary aesthetic. While anchored in the past, kitchens like Florence are now used to introduce modern style accents (and top-of-the-line functionality) in traditional homes. 

Snaidero's Florence kitchen design


KUBE – designer: Giovanni Offredi

Kube is a simple, versatile design built around the interplay of volume and space. Materials and shapes are used to identify clearly distinct work areas. The flexibility to choose between no island, island, or peninsula configurations makes the cabinetry line adaptable to different environments and needs. 

Snaidero's Kube modern kitchen

ORANGE – Snaidero Design

With Orange, Snaidero started what would become a multiple kitchen system, where elements from different cabinetry lines can be used interchangeably to create the desired design. It’s not a bold expression of personality like Venus is but it’s a solution that responds to very descerning customers who want to be able to customize their kitchen down to the very last detail. Orange also started offering glass as an elegant finish for cabinet doors, countertops, and backsplashes. 

Snaidero's Orange modern kitchen


CODE – Snaidero Design

The second addition to the fully integrated modular system launched with Orange, Code introduced new freestanding pieces and chromatic options to help design infinite compositions. The logic of fluid multi-purpose interiors is now dictating the evolution of kitchen design. 

Snaidero's Code modern kitchen design


OLA20 – designer: Paolo Pininfarina

After being being introduced in 1991 and restyled in 2000, Ola continued to be a market favorite because of its strong personality. To make it a true symbol of the evolution of kitchen design, Snaidero refreshed the model once again in 2010 to respond to the new trends in functionality and aesthetics.

Snaidero's Ola 20 luxury modern kitchen

Ola20 keeps the trademark curves but makes them softer and more contemporary. The new design is also better suited to open floor plans, as well as to layouts that could accommodate both large social gatherings and more intimate settings (with island and peninsula variations). The restyling has also introduced a new color technology with the mica-based lacquer finish, an alternative to the automotive metallic lacquer. The powdered mica included in the paint mix has tiny reflective flakes that make the finish change hue depending on light and observation point. A way to create a sense of movement and shifting atmospheres within the same space.


WAY – Snaidero Design

Way joins Orange and Code as part of Snaidero’s modular system of interchangeable design elements. It gives consumers access to an à la carte menu of over 100 combinations of cabinet doors, colors, finishes, and open shelving units. This helps them design the kitchen they truly want, functionally and aesthetically, inch by inch. 

Snaidero's Way kitchen design


BOARD – designer: Pietro Arosio

Board is the latest Snaidero design that addresses the need for the kitchen to fit within the context of freely configured and shareable spaces that are bright and open. With versatility at its core, Board puts the kitchen at the center of the home while making it interact completely with the rest of the living areas. Once again, the focus is on creating a solution that makes the kitchen both “shell” (i.e. intimate nook) and “showcase”.

Snaidero's Board kitchen

It feels like things have been moving faster and faster in the evolution of kitchen design over the past decade. While we can’t be sure exactly where the next changes are going to take us, solutions and designs that enhance modularity, adaptability, and freedom of expression are going to continue to be the most in-demand.

Which is your favorite Snaidero kitchen from the past 7 years?