Manufacturing Snaidero kitchens in early 2000s

Snaidero and the evolution of modern kitchen design between 2000 and 2005

In a previous post, we’ve looked at Snaidero’s contribution to the evolution of kitchen design from the 1960s to the 1990s. Now, we continue this historical look back by focusing on the start of the new Millennium. The Nineties really turned up the volume on personalization and variety in the kitchen. Consequently, in the first decade of 2000, the number of designs being developed grew steadily in response to changes in the way we live in the kitchen and the market demanding more and more options to choose from.


GIOCONDA - designer: Massimo Iosa Ghini

With Gioconda, Snaidero started playing with transitional kitchen design: a style that maintains the taste of the old while refreshening it with contemporary details. As the pictures show, over the last decade Snaidero has continued to refine Gioconda and the concept of transitional kitchen design (the first image shows the first version of the model; the second, a more recent restyling).

Snaidero's Gioconda, first version

Snaidero's Gioconda kitchen, restyled

IDEA 2000 – designer: Paolo Pininfarina

Idea (first image) was born out of the re-design of an old Snaidero kitchen called Linea (second image). It kept with the trend of taking inspiration from the past and re-imagining it to satisfy new aesthetic and functional needs. 

Snaidero's Idea modern kitchen design

Snaidero's Linea

OLA 2000 – designer: Paolo Pininfarina

First introduced in 1991 as a stunning break from conventions, Ola got a restyling in 2000 which made its colors even more vibrant and its curves even bolder. The new Ola met the growing desire for a stronger expression of personality in the kitchen. It also showed how technology was becoming an ever more important part of kitchen design, allowing designers and manufacturers to experiment with more functional solutions as well as new aesthetics. In fact, with Ola 2000, Snaidero introduced its series of high-gloss metallic lacquers (an application of automotive finishes to the kitchen). 

Snaidero's Ola modern kitchen design


SISTEMA ES – designer: Roberto Lucci & Paolo Orlandini

Introducing a thoroughly new look, Sistema ES revolved around a central work area that could either be designed as a wall unit or as an island. The design provided flexibility to organize the kitchen space in a more personal manner. 

Snaidero's Sistema ES kitchen design


TIME – designer: Roberto Lucci & Paolo Orlandini

Time conceived of kitchen cabinets not just as a utility to build a culinary lab/work area but also as an elegant furnishing solution. This was in line with the idea of the kitchen opening up to the rest of the home; something that was becoming more and more popular. Time also continued the tradition of experimenting with subtle contemporary accents to add visual variety to kitchen design. 

Snaidero's modern kitchen, Time


ACROPOLIS – designer: Paolo Pininfarina

Not for the faint of heart, Acropolis was the model with which Snaidero pushed kitchen design into the future and played with new possibilities. Lightweight, recyclable, and ergonomic, the Acropolis design truly put man front and center, introducing a whole new way of thinking of the interaction between user and kitchen. 

Snaidero's Acropolis contemporary kitchen


SKYLINE & SKYLINE_LAB – designer: Roberto Lucci & Paolo Orlandini

Skyline continued the effort to rethink the kitchen space and the user’s relationship with it. Using principles of universal design and ergonomics, Skyline was conceived first and foremost for the disabled (in its Skyline_Lab version – first picture). It was then tweaked just slightly to accommodate aging in place and multigenerational households where the kitchen is used by people with different needs and physical abilities.  

Snaidero's Skyline Lab universal kitchen design

Snaidero's Skyline modern kitchen

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Which is your favorite Snaidero kitchen from 2000 to 2004?