Snaidero Rino S.p.A.

Passionate About Kitchens


Snaidero Rino S.p.A. has been producing tailor-made luxury kitchens since 1946. Ours is a wealth of experience built up over a long history of both tradition and innovation. Craftsmanship and technological research are the solid guarantees of quality and long life that have always distinguished our kitchens.

Snaidero Rino S.p.A. was founded as a small cabinetry shop in Majano, Italy (north of Venice) by Mr. Rino Snaidero. Over the next two decades it became an industrial company and grew in the Italian market, then started expanding internationally. Today, the Snaidero Group is the largest Italian manufacturer of luxury modern kitchen cabinets, with a 1.1 mil. sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Majano, 6 production facilities in Europe and distribution networks in 80 countries.

Snaidero was the first Italian company to embrace the concept of integrated modern kitchen design. In the late 1970s, Snaidero began concentrating on the concept of a personalized kitchen environment for a new and more demanding consumer. This idea gave birth to the methodology of designing and manufacturing kitchens tailored to the specific needs of the client, using advanced production techniques and increasingly sophisticated materials.

The company has a long tradition of partnering with the world’s finest contemporary designers and architects, who come from the most diverse design fields and therefore bring a fresh perspective into the creative process. Through the years Snaidero has offered these designers the perfect environment to develop unique and innovative models, thus contributing to shaping the past, present and future of modern kitchen design.  For this reason, Snaidero is recognized worldwide as a master of true high-end Italian style.

Before the design process begins, extensive analyses of trends, colors, materials, ergonomics, environmental impact and safety are undertaken. The results are timeless kitchens which reflect the homeowners’ personality. They are created to improve the quality of life and redefine the way we live in this room.

Snaidero was the first kitchen manufacturer to obtain the ISO 9001 certification for its Company Quality Control System. Later, Snaidero was awarded the VISION 2000 certification, which requires that the company not only satisfy the customer’s needs but also be able to foresee them, in an effort toward constant improvement. In an effort to implement sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing process, wood products are FSC certified.