Calix XL

by Novello | Design: Studio Plazzogna

Snaidero Kitchens + Design


Made in Italy, Calix XL is a modern bathroom design that combines a minimalist look with subtle details.

In the vanities, the handles are replaced by an integrated channel and doors with an inclined ergonomic profile. Over-the-counter washbasins have soft edges that open outward, recalling the shape of a tulip. The built-in washbasins mirror the same movement through gently sloping sides.

The wide range of vanities (wall-mounted or with leg stands), tops in varying thicknesses, open and closed elements, wall compartments, and lacquer and high-pressure laminate finishes with different aesthetic effects give you the chance to create a very personalized bath design.

Backlit mirrors of varying shapes, with and without a built-in shelf, provide yet another option for customization and ambiance.