luxury kitchen storage solutions

An Organized Kitchen

Completing the Design


There are always a lot of things that need to be stored away tidily in a kitchen: not just the cooking essentials but also the little items that you are fond of and want to have at your fingertips, the non-cooking related objects that don’t belong anywhere else and all the other stuff you need if you use the kitchen as a living area. 

Our heavy-duty storage and accessories lines combine a modern design aesthetic with tailor-made functionality. 

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luxury kitchen storage solutions

Drawers and Baskets

A modern kitchen design is not complete without efficient storage. Look no further than our collections of drawers and pull-out baskets to find solutions that will fit your functional needs, aesthetic preferences, age and lifestyle.
luxury kitchen storage solutions

Optimization, Inch by Inch

Will everything fit in? That’s one of the biggest concerns that surface during the design process and yet a lot of precious space is often wasted in the kitchen. Our flexible storage solutions make every inch count, even helping you gain space!
luxury kitchen storage solutions

Soft Movements

All our storage options feature technology that softens the closing of drawers and baskets, guiding them during motion and limiting their speed. This ensures a complete but soft closing; no hard impact that can damage your cabinets.
luxury kitchen accessory solutions

Space for Everything

Modern kitchens are all about customization. That means organizing the space to include everything you want within reach. This is why we have designed a system of accessories and solutions to help you personalize each work area of the kitchen for maximum functionality.
luxury kitchen accessory solutions

Organized Interiors

Your drawers and baskets will always be perfectly tidy thanks to our innovative collection of accessories, featuring a minimalist design and versatile layout options.
luxury kitchen accessory solutions

Elegant Solutions

Our kitchen storage line lets you accessorize drawers and baskets with organizing elements in two different finishes: stainless steel or ash wood. Choose what works best to complete the look of your kitchen.