modern italian kitchen designer Paolo Pininfarina

Paolo Pininfarina

“A good design cannot exist if it is not practical, and perfect functionality cannot be achieved without perfect form.”

With a company history that dates back to 1930, Pininfarina has always drawn inspiration from the values of creativity and innovation, without forgetting the strength of tradition. Its designs have always combined the most futuristic and avant-garde stylistic forms with the most ingenious, functionality-driven technical solutions. This design philosophy and manufacturing sensibility found a perfect match in Snaidero, Pininfarina’s exclusive kitchen design partner since 1990.

The more than twenty years of close and fruitful collaboration between the two companies has led to several innovative projects (“Ola”, “Viva”, “Idea”, “Acropolis”, “Venus” and “Ola 20”) that have left their mark on the history of modern kitchen design, both at a national and international level.

Pininfarina's design approach does not follow fashion, it anticipates it. Its kitchen designs are at once aesthetically complex and essential, and always incorporate the most modern technologies available.

“Ola”, the first result of the collaboration, was born in 1990 out of Snaidero’s desire to reinvent the kitchen space, while providing the level of functionality required by the modern lifestyle. Pininfarina’s response was a highly three-dimensional luxury kitchen with a striking architectural impact. An expressive, efficient and ergonomically innovative design that became an instant classic.

Ola’s international market success was followed by critical acclaim, like the Good Design Award by the Chicago Design Athenaeum Museum (1996) and the American Building Products Award given by Home Magazine USA in 1997.

The “Viva” kitchen cabinetry line followed soon after Ola (also in 1990).  This project continued to explore the use of curves in modern kitchen design, to make them both attractive and safe for daily domestic use.

In Viva, the curve created a dynamic movement from top to bottom. The kitchen’s main ergonomic feature was its complete lack of corners. The curved doors of the base and wall units were made from specially molded high-density Baydur, while the work surfaces offered a practical anti-spill edge.  

Like all of the modern kitchen designs created by the Snaidero-Pininfarina team, Viva brought the space to life with the beauty of its unusual forms.

Acropolis modern italian kitchen design

Project | Acropolis

An ergonomic, basic form for living life full circle: this is the concept of the kitchen of the future, where only what is needed exists. Acropolis, a sleek and luxurious kitchen design inspired by Pininfarina’s love of drumming, embraces the delicate balance of space, aesthetics and functionality. The kitchen’s core structure is made with completely recyclable materials.

Venus modern italian kitchen design

Project | Venus

Inspired by Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, this sexy modern kitchen played with symmetrical curves and the juxtaposition of stainless steel surfaces, bright colored lacquered doors and ebony wood. Venus’ eco-friendly “Microtouch” finish was a first in kitchen design: a micro fiber applied to aluminum honeycomb panel doors and treated with a water-tanning process, to give the appearance and texture of leather.

Ola modern italian kitchen design

Project | Ola

This sensual, contemporary kitchen design brought the Ferrari style and attitude into the heart of the home. Its use of automotive technology created unprecedented efficiency of movement in the kitchen. Tubolar steel handles placed horizontally rounded out the design both in form and function.