modern italian kitchen designer Monica Armani

Monica Armani

"I believe that ‘editing’ a design – in the quest to achieve the right balance of all its elements - is essential to creating spaces that are equally contemporary and timeless."

Architect and designer Monica Armani was born in Trento, Italy. She began her professional career working with her father, rationalist architect Marcello Armani, who passed on to her the passion for designing and planning, the attention to detail, and the enthusiasm for exploring new ideas.

In 1996, together with Luca Dallabetta, Ms. Armani began to create a very successful line of products called progetto 1, which was acquired by B&B Italia in 2005. The line, characterized by simple and innovative design, established Monica Armani as a trademark in the world of contemporary design. Since then, Ms. Armani has worked for some of the most recognized international design firms, including Snaidero, Luceplan, Tribù, Kasthall, Cassina, Molteni&C, Effeti, and Poliform.

All of Ms. Armani’s projects are inspired by the rigor of geometry, showing a continuous connection between industrial design, architecture and interior decoration. Her use of formal aesthetics, innovation and engineering gives life to a unique and recognizable style and an unexpected use of space where “less is more” – to use of Ms. Armani’s favorite maxims by Mies van der Rohe.

ELLE, the luxury modern kitchen that Monica Armani designed for Snaidero in 2014, is a perfect example of her design aesthetics.

Retracing the steps of the great masters, Monica Armani has also chosen to work on temporary structures as a concrete response to the current need for sustainability. Her recent projects, Lounge for Cassina, a 800mq building which can be quickly assembled and disassembled, and Tempo for GiPlanet, a platform of modular frames that can be arranged into small or large pavilions, are new points of reference in the world of temporary building structures.

Elle modern kitchen design


The Elle modern kitchen design integrates various components that give way to endless possible layouts.