modern italian kitchen designer Michele Sbrogio

Michele Sbrogiò

“I find that the most successful objects are the ones that remain anonymous, in the right way. This is a characteristic that a design must possess. Concentrating on the object, on its result, to ensure it has a much longer life.”

Prolific in the design of domestic spaces and executive offices, Venetian architect Michele Sbrogiò believed that industrial design should continuously drive innovation. His idea of innovation was one that always aimed to improve the quality of life, instead of just being a futile exercise in un-applied creativity.

This sensibility made Sbrogiò the perfect design partner for Snaidero. This is why, in the 1980s, the company commissioned him to develop a cabinetry line that would revisit the classical kitchen concept in a modern and functional way.

This resulted in “Tempo”, a luxury kitchen that was the fruit of detailed research into the historical roots of the kitchen space. The central nucleus of the traditional kitchen was comprised of the potager (work station), the work counter and the storage pantry. Sbrogiò gave these three elements modern ergonomics while using traditional materials (stone, wood and metal.)

Streamlining the overall structure, the potager at the centre of the kitchen became a single working unit with the counter. The hood remained the focal point of the design, as an anchor to more traditional kitchens. The doors, made from elm wood and equipped with warm vertical slats, employed a functional mechanism that allowed them to slide sideways.

The modular elements made “Tempo” a true modern kitchen design that could be assembled in articulated furnishing solutions.

modern italian kitchen design

Project | Tempo

Tempo (1986) embodied the Eighties’ yearn to find balance between modern and classic, new and timeless.