modern italian kitchen designers Lucci Orlandini

Lucci and Orlandini

“Design should not impose itself purely as an exercise in form; it should instead enhance functionality, above all by creating functional spaces that are immediately welcoming and familiar.”

Specializing in office furniture, seats and modern kitchens, the creative duo of architects Roberto Lucci (Milan, 1942) and Paolo Orlandini (Grosseto, 1941) have designed over 250 products during the course of their long professional career.

As strong believers in the relationship between technological research and functional innovation, the two have always tried to enhance the evolutional potential of a design. Their approach to industrial design is inspired by two fundamental principles:

Simplicity: the product must be able to be understood by everyone, both aesthetically and functionally.

Flexibility: in the sense of conceiving designs that can evolve over the years, to adapt to changes in the market and in manufacturing processes.

The collaboration between Lucci & Orlandini and Snaidero has led to some of the company's most successful kitchens: “Sistema ES” (2001), winner of the “Grand Prix de l’Innovation Design” awarded by “Foire de Paris”; “Time” (2002), winner of the “Good Design Award 2003” awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum; “Skyline” (2004), “Panoramica” (2004), “Florence” (2006) and “Forma” (2008). These are also among the projects that best represent Snaidero’s modern kitchen design philosophy.

With “Sistema ES”, the first kitchen of the partnership, Lucci and Orlandini introduced a few completely innovative elements into the field of domestic design. This model is a fully modular system that systematically eliminates the superfluous by employing a single, dynamic block comprised of light volumes.

The softness of the lines is not the result of a superficial aesthetic choice; rather, it is the result of a careful analysis of the functional and operational relationship between the user and the two main work areas. The ideal straight line that forms the cooktop in a typical modern kitchen is transformed here into a dynamic "S" shape. This simple solution ergonomically improves the interaction between cooktop and sink, offering a more organic response to how the human body moves.

This design feature was so innovative that Lucci & Orlandini continued to develop it - even more decisively - in the following designs, like “Skyline”. In this project, the countertop is adapted almost completely to personal requirements (which are different for each one of us), thus promoting the idea of complete ergonomics. It is an approach to modern kitchen design that thoroughly places the user at the centre of each design choice.

This kind of flexibility achieved its utmost expression in “Skyline_lab”, a kitchen that Lucci & Orlandini designed for Snaidero to cater to the needs of users who require superior ergonomic solutions, such as disabled and elderly people. “Skyline_lab” is a further confirmation of the two designers’s sensitivity and their systematic focus on developing modern kitchens that improve the quality of life at home.