modern italian kitchen designer Giovanni Offredi

Giovanni Offredi

“Design is the raison d'etre of an object: from the thousands of possible shapes that can be attributed, one is chosen, the most significant and expressive of the cultural moment within us, in harmony with our times.”

Giovanni Offredi (Milan, 1927-2007) began designing in 1963. His style was always characterised by his ability to carry out precise aesthetic-technical analyses of his products. In his work, balance is determined by a careful ratio of proportions and Offredi’s ability to use rigorous forms while bypassing conventional design approaches.

Offredi always managed to at once preserve the simplicity of basic outlines and make them more dynamic.  This is why furniture designed by him at a certain point ceases to be pure form and becomes the accomplished expression of an original architectural and artistic vision.

The partnership between Offredi and Snaidero began in 1984, with the creation of the “Krios” model: a luxury kitchen that managed to make linearity interesting with a design that still feels modern and innovative today. “Krios” is a kitchen with an architectural presence built on using two colors. The working unit pushes forward and is defined by a light color. Standing in the background, the pantry, wall units and toekick are designed as a receding volume with a darker color. The functional element of the handle has the aesthetic purpose of tying everything together. By alternating the "front" and "back", the handle design highlights both the direction and position of the doors.

The innovative quality of the “Krios” project also extends to its wood varnishing system, which uses transparent or pigmented finishes sprayed on by hand. The coatings are made with unsaturated polyester or acrylic resins to guarantee a completely smooth surface that is extremely bright and has no imperfections, almost like a mirror.

The collaboration with Offredi continued with “Kalia” (1986) and “Pragma” (1987), followed by the great success of “Contralto” in 1988. In 2006, Offredi developed “Kube”, his last modern kitchen design for Snaidero. The project went on to win the 2008 “Good Design Award” by the “Chicago Design Athenaeum Museum”.

Kube modern italian kitchen design

Project | Kube

A streamlined modern kitchen, designed around the architectonical interplay of volume and space and the harmonious balance of clearly distinct functional areas. Contrasting forms, materials and color give Kube tremendous visual impact. A recess aluminum toekick with a reflective mirror finish makes the kitchen appear as if suspended above the floor.