Snaidero USA Designers

Andreucci and Hoisl

Alessandro Andreucci (Macerata, Italy, 1968) and Christian Hoisl (Munich, Germany, 1961) first met in the 1990s while they were both working for System Design in Germany. The two have been collaborating together since 2004, developing projects like the Pan chair for Garpa - a Red Dot Award winner - while maintaining their individual design firms.

Andreucci’s solo resume includes work for Siemens, Hotz & Hotz, Viabizzuno, Arca, and lighting designs for iGuzzini on projects for Renzo Piano’s Paris firm and Ron Arad in London.

Hoisl’s solo work includes appliances for Siemens and Gaggenau, heating systems for Brunner, baths for Keuco, indoor furniture for Schönbuch and Side by Side, and outdoor furniture for companies like Weishäupl.

The duo first partnered with Snaidero to develop the company’s new advanced line of kitchen accessories, Passepartout. Using a variety of materials, Andreucci and Hoisl created a system of containers of different shapes and sizes, made to facilitate the design of extremely custom storage solutions for every user’s needs. The containers are made to fit in the pantries, wine cellars, drawers, deep baskets, backsplashes, countertops and cabinet doors of the Snaidero kitchens. Every container can be easily removed, moved around as needed to facilitate use, and fitted elsewhere.

In spring 2018, Snaidero, Andreucci and Hoisl will be debuting their first kitchen project together at Eurocucina in Milan, Italy.