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Your Must-Haves For A Luxury Modern Bathroom Design

The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but the bathroom is also rising in importance when it comes to remodeling and design choices. More and more, we want our bathrooms to be our private retreats. As such, they should inspire us and reflect who we are.

If you want to create a luxury modern bathroom for your home, here are the design must-haves you need to incorporate.


Your bathroom vanities should set the tone for the entire room without being too imposing. Streamlined, handlefree vanities provide an understated yet elegant canvas that allows you to complete the design with other interesting accents.


Minimalism doesn’t mean boring or predictable.  Playing with the arrangement of the various units (vanities, wall units, shelves, and mirrors) can help create interesting, unexpected and dynamic compositions.

Modern bathroom with dynamic composition

CALIX bathroom line by Snaidero USA Living



As it is true for the kitchen, a primarily neutral color palette works well in modern bathrooms. It creates a soothing, intimate environment. Current trends privilege darker vanities or dark walls with lighter vanities (for contrast).

Modern bath using a neutral dark color palette

CRAFT bathroom line by Snaidero USA Living


Bolder pops of color can be introduced for vanities to create a focal point and give the design a strong personality.

Modern bathroom design with bold colors

LIBERA bathroom line by Snaidero USA Living


Mixing materials is also important to stimulate the senses, keep things interesting and create balance. Combine textures with smooth surfaces, wood and marble, lacquer and natural stones.


Want a real spa-like, luxury bath environment? Make careful use of ambiance lighting. It can be anything from unique fixtures to pendants. Very trendy now are mirror lights: they can light up the mirror frame or radiate light from the back, top, or bottom of the mirror

Luxury baths with mood lights

CALIX and CRAFT bathroom lines by Snaidero USA Living



“Organic” touches of design can make the bathroom feel cozy and relaxing. Organic elements include natural materials like wood and stone, plants, and soft shapes like curved cabinets and sink designs inspired by nature’s forms.

Luxury modern bath with organic feel

CALIX bathroom line with signature CALIX sink by Snaidero USA Living



Now that you have your canvas and your mood clearly set, don’t be afraid to add just a few statement pieces to give your mini-spa some character.

Here are the items that can really bring the space together:

  • Free-standing bathtubs

Freestanding tub in a modern bath

  • Well visible, imposing sinks (as opposed to sinks integrated in the vanities)
  • Comfortable seating, like a stool or ottoman - it can be something very modern or more ornate or vintage looking for a nice mix of styles
  • Quirky, freestanding or wall hangers for clothes, bathrobes, and towels

Modern bath with design accents

  • Large, round mirrors
  • Bold, unexpected artwork
  • Large area rugs (as opposed to the typical bathroom mats)

Modern bath with artwork and round mirrors


Have fun designing your luxury minimalist bathroom with personality. Just don’t overdo it. Less is more!