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Modern kitchen with teak wood cabinets

Why wood kitchen cabinets are always a great choice

As kitchen buyers, we now have an unprecedented choice of materials and finishes for our cabinets. In fact, homeowners with a taste for the contemporary are more and more often choosing to go with lacquer or laminate cabinets to achieve a sleek look and we, too, have been talking about these finishes a lot on this blog lately. So, we thought it was time to go back and reflect on the greatness of wood kitchen cabinets!

Wood kitchen cabinets: Beautiful AND functional

When it comes to elegance and beauty, nothing beats wood. There is something really special about the texture and subtle variety that a living material like wood can bring to an interior. Plus, wood has the extraordinary ability to make a space look modern and edgy while giving it much needed warmth. But that’s not all.

Wood is also durable and resistant and, thanks to today’s manufacturing technologies, wood kitchen cabinets can be a very practical solution. Let’s look at two popular types of wood cabinet doors and their characteristics.

Wood veneer cabinet doors

Modern kitchen in Cinnamon walnut wood veneer

Wood veneer doors are composed of a core in solid wood or particle board, which is then covered with veneer – thin sheets of wood treated to guarantee surface protection and produce beautiful aesthetic effects. The result is a door that looks like 100% solid wood but is even better than that because:

  • the veneer treatment gives the ability to eliminate odd-looking defects in the wood;
  • it is more economic and uses less wood overall;
  • it is resistant to chipping and deformation;
  • it is easy to clean – using a soft wet cloth (with or without a non-abrasive detergent) and wiping it dry is enough.

Here are some examples of veneer finishes for Snaidero’s wood cabinets:

Veneer finishes for wood kitchen cabinets

Melamine wood cabinet doors

Melamine wood cabinet doors are another elegant and cost-effective option. Melamine doors can have a core in solid wood with support in particle panel covered with a sheet of smooth melamine. The melamine finish can be chosen to produce the desired effect, including wood.

Melamine wood kitchen cabinets

Melamine wood doors have very functional characteristics as they are:

  • hard, compact and homogeneous;
  • non-porous and hygienic;
  • resistant to scratches, humidity, chipping, stains, and wear;
  • resistant to light and regular heat;
  • flammable only if coming in direct contact with fire.

Cleaning melamine doors is also very practical. Regular cleaning can be done with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive surface cleaner. When the door gets dirtier, you can use a glass cleaner with soft sponge or brush, making sure to dry up the liquid well to avoid leaving halos or other marks. Limestone residues can be removed with a wet cloth and vinegar ink stains can go away by rubbing them gently with an alcohol-soaked cloth.

Here are Snaidero’s melanine wood finishes:

Melamine wood kitchen cabinets finishes

No matter what you like, chances are a kitchen with wood cabinets is going to have the right mix of character, variety and functionality to statisfy you – and then some!