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Studio Snaidero DC Metro kitchen showroom

Studio Snaidero DC and Washington's Kitchen Design Trends

An interview with Shawna Dillon, principal of Studio Snaidero DC-Metro, on the design concept for the showroom and the kitchen design trends she is seeing in the greater Washington area. Studio Snaidero DC-Metro is one of the 22 kitchen showrooms that are part of Snaidero USA’s retail network across North and Central America.

1. How did you approach the design of the new showroom? What is the feel that you want for the space?

Our principal goal was to honor the Snaidero brand while tailoring the showroom to the kitchen design trends of the mid-Atlantic region. Most of the homeowners in the Washington, DC-Alexandria, VA area live in traditional environments, like red-brick colonials, Federal-style row homes and formal Neoclassical architecture. So, we wanted the showroom design to reflect the variety of tastes and the traditional preferences of all these locals.

The designs we selected show what people respond to in their fantasies of luxurious European interiors, and also display this dichotomy between old and new.

2. What was the reasoning behind the choices of models to display and the finishes you chose for such displays?

The entire Snaidero product line is born from forward thinking and innovation is always at the heart of our designs, construction, and finishes.  We felt we could show this concept in the showroom by incorporating the latest trends in terms of materials and technologies for the kitchen, alongside creative, functional work spaces that are both beautiful and efficient for all users. 

Our displays feature four different kitchen models with trendy finishes that represent four different types of Washingtonian buyers: a luxe finish (LUX in lacquer); a textured finish (WAY in lacquer and melamine); a unique automotive finish (OLA20 in micalized lacquer); and a superior wood finish (IDEA in wood + glass wall cabinets).

Our clients value the engineering and simplicity of modern European cabinetry but they also have an appreciation for historic preservation. To achieve a balance between these two elements, we’ve paired Snaidero’s modern cabinets with materials that provide the warmth and comfort typical of more traditional interiors.

WAY kitchen display at Studio Snaidero DC

3. How do the displays reflect current trends in kitchen design?

We designed the showroom to be as timeless as possible while being conscious of current trends; elements like open display shelving, glass mesh wall cabinets, bronze finishes that are popular right now for hoods, faucets, etc, island with built-in table, wood countertop accents and more loft styled details (steel windows, reclaimed wood bar top).

IDEA kitchen display at Studio Snaidero DC

4. What aspects of the Snaidero brand did you want to highlight in the new showroom and how did you go about doing that?

One of Snaidero’s greatest strengths lies in the vast customization options all its cabinetry lines offer, so we wanted to bring that to life by:

  • Dedicating an entire wall just to display Snaidero’s wide range of finishes, so that clients can get a full understanding of the variety, quality, and possibilities they can choose from.
  • Designing four very different displays (all working kitchens), showcasing as many options as possible in terms of layout, door styles, finishes, and handles.

Ola20 kitchen display at Studio Snaidero DC

5. What are the most popular kitchen design trends and materials/finishes in the Washington, DC market at the moment?

Our customers love a white and grey palette because it creates stark visual contrasts while keeping a streamlined look.

Additionally, most people are looking for fully equipped pantries with pocket doors to keep everything concealed, interior lighting, pullout drawers, and storage space for small appliances.

Finally, a lot of people in this area look to mix old and new (for example, an old farmhouse table in the middle of a modern kitchen, or an accent of barn wood in a completely sleek and streamline kitchen). 

LUX kitchen display at Studio Snaidero DC

6. How has the market evolved in the past 10 years?

Washingtonians are becoming more sophisticated, brand aware, and quality and environmentally conscious. They are moving away from traditional east coast design and embracing more contemporary materials like matrix because of its texture and durability.

Overall, the DC market is adopting a more contemporary design aesthetic; one that implements a clean, contemporary door style vs traditional shaker door styles.