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Modern kitchen remodel in Rochester NY


Design by Lorena Polon, Snaidero USA New York Flagship

The new owners of a home in Rochester (New York) hired our senior designer, Lorena Polon to remodel the kitchen, which was a complete disconnect from the rest of the house – both aesthetically and functionally.  

Original kitchen in Rochester NY home

The home was contemporary with a slightly transitional exterior; yet the original kitchen was extremely traditional, outdated, and poorly laid out, with a design that was neither unified nor optimized to make the most of the fairly large footprint.

Watch the video interview or read on to learn how Lorena transformed the space.



The clients wanted to modernize the look of the kitchen with a contemporary design that would nonetheless feel timeless. As soon as they laid eyes on our OLA20 cabinetry by Pininfarina, they knew they had found the perfect fit.

Two characteristics of this Italian kitchen design became the musts around which to build the rest of the space: the unique island with curved leg in carbon fiber (and equally curved countertop) and the Champagne metallic lacquer finish.

The full kitchen remodel in the Rochester NY home


In fact, the clients fell so in love with these two elements that they requested that the island leg be perfectly framed within the background of the metallic cabinets of the wall unit, so that the contrast would make it stand out and be enjoyed from the entire open living area.

This particular positioning called for some adjustments to the sub-top and structure of the large island once it was already on site, which Lorena was able to implement with the contractor’s help.

The result is a kitchen that has a very contemporary and distinct personality and yet is also simple and classic; the quintessential example of Italian design. It works well within the existing space and will always look fresh and new – a complete 180 from the original!

Details of the contemporary OLA20 kitchen island by Pininfarina



On the functional side, the goal of the kitchen remodel was to create an easier flow for both owners to cook together without adding more than what was in the original design. As it turned out, all that was needed was a smarter configuration of layout and storage, along with modern cabinetry accessorized to serve the clients’ lifestyle.

Layout of the original kitchen



Lorena moved the cooktop from its original location by the window to the island, thus creating three well defined work areas, all within reach of each other but without overlaps:

1. the island as the primary cooking station (also housing a conventional oven and plenty of storage for all pots and pans)

2. an additional cooking unit to the side of the wall with steam oven and speed oven

3. the sink area by the window, large enough to accommodate both cooks at the same time.

Instead of an imposing hood that would have distracted from the rest of the design, the island was paired with a flush ceiling ventilation system by Best by Broan that is functional and minimalist.

Layout of the remodeled kitchen



The original kitchen had the refrigerator set on a diagonal in the corner, using up most of that area. By moving the refrigerator/freezer to one wall, Lorena made room to fit an even larger unit with space left for pull-up pantries on each side of it. The other wall was fitted with shallow pantries, including corner cabinets, essentially doubling the storage capacity.

Corner kitchen pantry: before and after


Appliances: Gaggenau

Backsplash & countertops: Marron Cohiba Granite


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