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Luxury kitchen cabinet in micalized lacquer

Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Finishes: Micalized Lacquer


Snaidero has been manufacturing lacquer kitchen cabinets for over 50 years, with a process that combines both technological innovation and skilled craftsmanship. To guarantee quality consistency, the lacquer production and cabinet varnishing are done entirely in-house at the company’s factory in Italy.

Lead Grey micalized lacquer on molded cabinet doors


Through the decades, the company has mastered the art of lacquering the curved cabinets that have been a signature trait of many of its kitchens, starting with OLA in 1991.

While the linear surfaces get lacquered through an entirely automated process, the lacquering of curved doors and cabinets with molded details is executed meticulously by hand with spray guns. This ensures a spotless application of the varnish across the curved surface.

Cabinet lacquering by hand


The latest addition to the range of Snaidero lacquers are the micalized lacquers; an innovative finish taken from the automotive industry that the company introduced in 2011 with the OLA20 model by Pininfarina Design.

Micalized lacquers are manufactured using mica, a mineral. When mixed with varnish, mica yields shiny lacquer paints that are not as reflective as their high gloss counterparts but have a certain transparency that produces a sophisticated, pearl-like shimmer.

This unique type of lacquer requires a multi-step process:

  1. The base – usually made of polyester or acrylic bottom with UV crosslinking – needs to be smoothed and polished to make sure the surface is absolutely uniform so the paint can take evenly
  2. A first coat of micalized varnish is applied and left to dry for a little while
  3. A second coat helps develop the micalized effect
  4. After another (partial) drying phase, the cabinet door gets the last coat of varnish to produce the desired opacity
  5. The door is left to dry over several days so that the varnish can fully harden

If you are looking to bring a distinct mood and aesthetic to your kitchen, micalized lacquer cabinet finishes are the way to go!

Snaidero's OLA20 kitchen in Champagne micalized lacquer