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Innovation In Modern Kitchen Design: Carbon Fiber

“A good design cannot exist if it is not practical, and perfect functionality cannot be achieved without perfect form.” – Paolo Pininfarina

Snaidero’s kitchen design and manufacturing philosophy has always aimed to combine traditional craftsmanship and technological advancements, emotional impact and operational efficiency.


For over 70 years, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in modern kitchen design,  spending a lot of time and resources to research materials, study new solutions, and refine production processes down to every detail.  For Snaidero, innovation is also the result of partnering with some of the most accomplished Italian industrial designers, who bring discoveries and practices from other fields to the world of kitchen design. 

Carbon fiber kitchen island manufacturing

The ultimate goal is not to achieve innovation for innovation’s sake, but to keep improving the quality of life in the kitchen, making it a beautiful and functional center of the home.


One of the latest breakthroughs has come with the Ola20 model, which represents a reconceptualization of what is perhaps the most popular cabinetry line in the company’s history. In a first for kitchen design, Snaidero and Italian design powerhouse, Pininfarina (the designer of the Ferrari cars) have taken inspiration from the aerospatial industry and introduced the use of carbon fiber for the curvilinear base of the Ola20 island and peninsula units.


Carbon fiber is a composite material made with thin, woven strands of fiber combined with a carbon matrix. The material goes through a process of layering and carefully crafted molding that creates a piece of stunning sculptural quality – a signature element of nearly all of Snaidero/Pininfarina collaborations.

The properties of carbon fiber make the island/peninsula base highly tolerant to shifts in temperature and resistant to chemical agents. In addition, carbon fiber does not get oxidized nor rusty; it is non-toxic and doesn’t get damaged by water.

The result is a design element that is at once extremely light and very strong, and also aesthetically unique.  A true definition of luxury.

Ola20 is available in North and Central America exclusively through the Snaidero USA retail network.

Ola20 kitchen with carbon fiber island base