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The new VISION modern kitchen design by Snaidero and Pininfarina

Eurocucina 2018: Snaidero and Pininfarina Bring A New VISION To Modern Kitchen Design

A first look at the new kitchen designs Snaidero is unveiling at Eurocucina 2018 and the modern kitchen trends they incorporate.

Imagining the kitchen as an icon of style, where aesthetics and engineering come together to create an inspiring, user-centered space with a very distinct identity. This is what the 28-year collaboration between Snaidero and Pininfarina – two powerhouses of Italian design - has always been about.

Their new project, VISION, is no exception. It’s a design centered on flowing surfaces and perfect geometries, where the “wonder of form” is used to add functionality to the modern kitchen.


Just like all Pininfarina kitchens, the VISION design starts with a strongly identifiable visual mark that is then carried out across multiple elements to create stylistic symmetries.

Here, the mark is most visible in the island/peninsula, where it takes the form of a sculpted base in stratified and shaped solid ash wood – the product of advanced industrial technology and the skilled work of Snaidero’s craftsmen. The base also features an integrated silicone LED strip that further enhances its visual appeal.

The island hood echoes the shape of the base by incorporating a wooden shelf, adding an airy shape right at the center of the room.

Sculpted island base of Snaidero's new VISION modern kitchen design by Pininfarina



The pantry unit is designed to provide visual continuity and a sense of harmony with the island/peninsula, in a dynamic dialogue that reverberates through the whole space.

The pantry features diagonal doors whose shape carries over to the attached open storage system with cross-brushed stainless steel back panel.

Snaidero VISION: Detail of the island and pantry design with diagonal lines



Through the years, Snaidero and Pininfarina have used technology and innovative manufacturing processes to develop new materials (like metallic and mica-based lacquers). With VISION, the two companies introduce the metalescent lacquer, an elegant satin finish that reproduces the visual effect of metallic surfaces while ensuring the tactile warmth of a lacquer finish. Metalescent lacquers also allow metals to be “bent” to a wide variety of three-dimensional forms.

No matter the chosen layout (linear, island, peninsula, or anything in between), VISION guarantees a fluid, efficient, modern kitchen space that can only be described as pure sensation.  

Snaidero VISION kitchen island layout by Pininfarina

Snaidero VISION by Pininfarina Design presented at Eurocucina 2018 with an island composition. Grey metalescent lacquered doors, Fenix black matte surface, island base in nut stained solid ash wood with silicone LED strip, countertop in stainless steel with cross-brushed finish. Pantry open compartment with black matte lacquered shelves and smooth stainless steel back panel.


VISION represents the 8th design collaboration between Snaidero and Pininfarina, joining an impressive list of iconic and award-winning kitchen projects: Idea, Ola, Viva, Venus, Ola20, OLA25 (Limited Edition), and Aria.