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LINK, Snaidero's new system for kitchen organization

Eurocucina 2018: LINK, Re-Imagining Kitchen Organization for Modern Living

A first look at the new kitchen designs Snaidero is unveiling at Eurocucina 2018 and the modern kitchen trends they incorporate.

Taking kitchen organization to the next level of customization and practicality, while offering an elegant furnishing solution ideally suited for the modern open style of living.

This is the concept at the heart of LINK, a new Snaidero kitchen cabinetry system designed by Alessandro Andreucci and Christian Hoisl.  

LINK is a simple, linear project rich in functional features that focuses primarily on revolutionizing the space between countertop and wall units. The result is Snaidero’s I-WALL: an open and flexible system of containers and storage compartments in different designs and materials that appear and disappear as needed. While you are using the kitchen, everything you need is within reach; when you don’t, it all stays concealed behind elegant structures.

To maximize the personalization of the space, LINK offers 3 different ways to design the I-WALL, each addressing different kitchen organization needs.


A spacious system to perfectly organize small kitchen utensils. In this solution, 5.5-inch storage units – available in open or soft-close hinge versions - are arranged against the wall. The countertop flows naturally with the containers and can be equipped with bottle openers, sponge holders and knife blocks. All parts can be easily removed for cleaning.

LINK small storage system for space between countertop and wall units



This 9.8-inch container system adapts depending on the location of the main work unit of the kitchen:

- On the island, the system is an elegant wooden, glass and aluminum structure equipped with stainless steel accessories – a functional board that assists every stage of food preparation and cooking.

- In the wall version, the containers transform into practical units that stay within easy reach and can be concealed using a downward sliding door when no longer needed.

LINK island and back wall accessories and storage system for better kitchen organization

LINK by Andreucci & Hoisl Design, presented at Eurocucina 2018 with cabinets and structures in Black matte lacquer and Natural Elm wood and countertop in Grain Superblack quartz.



This version repositions the wall unit at a “convenient” height and makes it disappear behind an upward sliding door when not in use, while keeping the upper part of the wall elegantly open.

It’s a modular concept that improves the ergonomics of the entire kitchen, making it more user-centered than ever.

LINK Sistema L with sliding door for kitchen organization and improved storage

LINK wall storage unit appearing and disappearing from view, as needed

LINK Sistema L kitchen organization unit concealing all stored items


With just a few simple lines, LINK adds a whole new dimension to the way we can organize the kitchen, providing a much more dynamic solution than the traditional combination of drawers, deep baskets and shelves.

The project represents the 2nd collaboration between Snaidero and the duo of Andreucci and Hoisl. The two designers, who work both together and separately, have dedicated their careers to industrial design applied to interiors. Their first partnership with Snaidero also focused on kitchen organization and resulted in Passepartout, the company’s collection of flexible storage containers and accessories.