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HERA country style kitchen design presented by Snaidero at Eurocucina 2018


A first look at the new kitchen designs Snaidero is unveiling at Eurocucina 2018 and the modern kitchen trends they incorporate.

Transitional design – the practice of creating living spaces that bring together different styles from past and present – has been steadily increasing in popularity when it comes to the kitchen.

With HERA, its new Michele Marcon design presented at Eurocucina 2018 (Milan, Italy), Snaidero continues to address this trend, which has already found a multitude of expressions in the company’s GIOCONDA, FRAME, HERITAGE, KELLY and LOFT models.

HERA’s design concept takes inspiration from the English country “chic” style; it then puts a twist on it by adding contemporary accents (to enhance functionality) and Nordic flavors (mostly through choice of materials). The cross-contamination of styles is so subtly executed that it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The result is an effortless, peaceful, and elegant mood.

HERA contemporary country style kitchen by Snaidero

HERA with framed cabinet doors in Tea green matte lacquer and Moon oakwood. Countertops in matte Coffee Brown granite. 



The most prominent stylistic feature of the kitchen is the framed door; a distinctive country style touch that is applied to every element (base and upper cabinets, pantry unit, and island cabinets) as an underlying motif.

The framed doors come in solid, full glass, and glass-mirror finishes, with variations that allow for customization and keep the look from becoming “heavy” and monotone.

HERA kitchen framed cabinet door style by Snaidero



HERA’s main work unit – housing the cooking and washing stations – is aesthetically conceived to be highly recognizable, just as it is typical of country style kitchens. The play between country and contemporary can be adjusted based on personal preferences:

  • The hood can be an imposing structure in painted metal, mixing clean lines with vintage accents, or it can be concealed from view;
  • The wall behind the sink and cooktop can feature practical bars for hanging kitchen utensils next to closed cabinets and open shelves;
  • The base cabinets jut out just slightly due to their increased depth and the fronts come with an additional decorative frame that makes the whole unit stand out even more, with the frame more or less visible depending on the choice of finishes.

Snaidero HERA kitchen; work unit composition

Snaidero HERA kitchen design; work unit composition



Handles are an important part of the look to maintain the integrity of the country style design. Two models are offered:

  • Bold, with a strong grip and metallic finish;
  • Deco’, with a vintage feel in both design and finish.

The handles can be used for all doors or mixed with handle-free doors (on elements such as upper cabinets and island cabinets) to tip the scale to a greater or lesser degree towards a contemporary look.

HERA kitchen country style handles by Snaidero



Open storage elements can be incorporated in wall units, in the island and just under the countertops. This addition, once again, echoes country style kitchens of the past but the execution – with the use of clean aesthetics and integrated LED lights - is very contemporary.

Detail of the HERA kitchen design presented by Snaidero at Eurocucina 2018



Thanks to a variety of available elements, the island can be substantially customized in look and functionality to complete the design and give the kitchen a very strong identity.

Snaidero HERA contemporary country style kitchen design presented at Eurocucina 2018

HERA with framed cabinet doors in Ombra black matte lacquer and Gessato oak finish. Wall unit countertops in Grain rockface quartz and Grain superwhite quartz. Island countertop in Dry oakwood. St. Louis extractor hood in painted metal. 


HERA marks the 4th collaboration between Snaidero and Italian designer Michele Marcon, following the LOFT, OPERA (2015 GOOD DESIGN™ Award), and LOOK (2017 Green GOOD DESIGN Award) designs.