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LOOK kitchen presented at Eurocucina 2016

Eurocucina 2016: A New Frontier of Personalization in Modern Kitchens

Personalization is the name of the game in modern kitchen design and Snaidero is pushing this concept with its new kitchen, LOOK by Michele Marcon Design, presented at Eurocucina 2016.

LOOK is part of Snaidero’s new System Collection, a line of versatile kitchen cabinetry designs that are all about giving homeowners total freedom of expression to create a truly tailor-made space.


LOOK is a kitchen for sophisticated tastemakers with a metropolitan lifestyle; creative people who love the timeless feel of well-researched materials. The design manages to be at once clean and full of unique details, able to fit the style of any home and offering an aesthetic that departs from the idea that minimalism can only be “cold” or “boring.”

Snaidero LOOK by Michele Marcon Design


Using a theme that underlines all the new Snaidero products at Eurocucina 2016, LOOK was conceived to be a “canvas” that the homeowner can personalize through a myriad of custom components.

  • The statement piece of the model is the wooden work top with adjustable height and width. This element can either be placed over the base and island/peninsula units or used as an extension to generate additional work space, for infinite configurations and use scenarios.
  • Base and pantry units are available in various sizes to accommodate any room layout. The units can either be supported by a recessed toekick (available in 2 heights) or wall mounted for a suspended effect. The wall-mount option also allows the user to have higher cabinets, for a more ergonomic setup.
  • The handle-free cabinet doors feature a recessed channel with ergonomic finger pull that keeps the design essential. The channel is also available as a vertical option applied to the tall units.
  • LOOK comes with a wide selection of “open living” furniture elements that can be used on the walls or freestanding. These components push the customization of the kitchen – and its integration with the living room - to a whole new level. One example is the decorative stripe that can be attached to the tall cabinets: an elegant solution that makes the kitchen look less like a kitchen and more like a multifunctional space.
  • The kitchen is available in all the colors and finishes in the Snaidero range, including the new Tailor-Made Colors. The latter is an option that lets customers have the kitchen cabinets in any Pantone color of their choice.

LOOK kitchen with open living furniture

LOOK marks the second collaboration between Snaidero and Michele Marcon. Their first project, Opera, won the 2015 Good Design™ Award.

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