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Snaidero's Kelly kitchen at Eurocucina 2016

Eurocucina 2016: Marrying Old Charm and Modern Practicality

At Eurocucina 2016, Snaidero and architect Massimo Iosa Ghini introduced three new kitchens, of which KELLY is certainly the most “transitional” in style. With this kitchen, Iosa Ghini continues his exercise of revisiting the classic under a contemporary lens - something he already did years ago with Snaidero’s Gioconda model.


KELLY is a cabinetry line for discerning homeowners who like modern design but have a taste for the “old fashioned” and more ornate details. With its chic and luxurious presence, the kitchen is a homage to European homes of a bygone era…while offering the comfort and functionality of the present.

Each stylistic choice is carefully thought out to work perfectly with all the other elements:

  • The traditional framed doors juxtaposed to the integrated channel, as a modern alternative to the handle;
  • The rich corner decorations for the cabinet fronts;
  • The wall units with glass doors, mullions and backlit glass shelves;
  • The chiselled countertop;
  • The large hood with matching frames supporting the front of the island;
  • The possibility to create a dramatic contrast of finishes, like Daylight White matte lacquer cabinets with Cosmic Black granite countertops and hood and decorative accents in lacquered bronze.

Kelly: details of pantry and cabinet front


KELLY is best suited for open layout spaces that will let you enjoy the composition from a distance and from up-close. Every part of the design is made up of graceful lines, yet altogether the kitchen has a big presence that will make the room come to life.

After its official unveiling at Eurocucina 2016, KELLY will be available in North America, Central America and the Caribbean through Snaidero USA later this spring. 

Snaidero's Kelly kitchen at Eurocucina 2016