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Snaidero's FIRST presented at Eurocucina 2016

Eurocucina 2016: Affordable Luxury With Young Appeal

In kitchen design, luxury has become synonym with products that are perfectly functional, beautifully crafted, and flexible enough to adapt to our lifestyle, so we don’t have to compromise on anything.

FIRST, one of the kitchens that Snaidero is introducing at Eurocucina 2016, fits this concept of luxury and is ideal for people who don’t want to miss out on fine design but are looking for more affordable solutions.

First kitchen open layout


FIRST appeals to a rather young but refined aesthetic sense and to those who want to experience the home as a casual, open space that is both creative and dynamic. A space that can be enjoyed alone or in company and is quick to change as we need it to.

The design is essential – almost pragmatic – with details like the groove shaped opening for the cabinet doors making FIRST ergonomic and streamlined. At the same time, the kitchen is easily tailor made in layout and look.

First kitchen with components for living room


Following a trend that will continue to expand way past Eurocucina 2016, FIRST comes with a full series of components that can be used beyond the kitchen. Thanks to the choice of materials, its system of elegant open shelves, suspended wall units attached to wood panels, and other flexible elements, FIRST makes it easy to design shared spaces that transition seamlessly into one another.

First cabinetry used for living room

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