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Peter Ktori, Kitchen Bath & Closet Designer, Snaidero USA Los Angeles

Peter Ktori, Showroom Manager of the Snaidero USA Los Angeles Flagship discusses the hottest trends for luxury kitchens, bathrooms, and closets, and how to execute them to create designs that are not only modern but also timeless.  

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What are the most popular finishes for luxury kitchens?

There is a lot of demand for warm, rich materials like natural stones, woods, and metallic lacquers.

One of our best-selling finishes is the laminam ceramic, available for cabinets, backsplashes and countertops. It allows you to give your kitchen a very “monolithic” and modern look. It’s also a highly resistant, hygienic, antibacterial finish – you can literally cook on it!

As far as woods go, we see a lot of requests for our exclusive Eucalyptus veneers - because of their aesthetic depth - as well as our Oak finishes, whose variety makes it easy to find the option that will best fit your home.

Materials trends for luxury kitchens


What is your favorite kitchen trend and why?

Darker palettes are becoming synonym with luxury. The mix of interesting materials and dark monochromatic tones makes for an understated but very elegant design.


What caused the shift from the all-white look that dominated for a long time?

About 2-3 years ago clients began to search for something different from what everyone else was doing. We went from the whites to the grays and then even darker. There is still demand for white but these bolder palettes are taking over.


Doesn’t a lighter palette have more longevity in the kitchen?

To an extent, yes. But it all depends on execution. The key when it comes to trends is to not go overboard. Designing with balance will make sure they don’t become outdated quickly.


What are ways to ensure a kitchen design stays fresh and timeless?

The trick is in the details. No element should be overdone. So, for example, if you are incorporating a natural stone with a darker tone, don’t cover all the surfaces with it. You can still achieve that “monolithic” look I mentioned earlier by using the material for some of the cabinets, counters, and backsplashes but then contrast it with a lighter finish that will bring in a different texture and feel.

Storage design trends for luxury kitchens


What are the 3 top storage features for the luxury kitchen?

1. Big drawers and full-pullout systems allow you to reach corner areas and the backs of cabinets that would otherwise be unusable.

2. Cabinets with a deep basket and one or two interior drawers – all fully extendable - let you make use of the entire height of the cabinet.

3. Extra storage cabinets on top of the tall and upper units help you utilize the maximum ceiling height. This is best suited for larger open kitchens where the extra cabinets won’t make the space feel too heavy. It is less advisable for narrower, galley-style kitchens.






What are the top two cabinetry trends for luxury baths?

1. Using a color palette and material selection that matches the kitchen to create aesthetic uniformity and harmony around the house. This means rich, warm, and natural finishes.

2. An increased use of open shelf systems to add more storage and functionality but also as an aesthetic solution that replaces bathroom tiles. There’s a lot you can do with them.

Design trends for luxury bathrooms


Are you seeing an increase demand for floating vanities?

Yes! There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. They are practical because they are easy to clean underneath.

2. They give the bathroom a fresh and more contemporary feel.






What is the most important aspect of closet design?

We must always start with the clients’ individual needs: What clothes and accessories do they like to wear? Do they have a lot of long dresses, shoes, handbags and so on?

Those are things that require special storage and must be taken into consideration when planning the closet. It will help tailor the design and give the client flexibility in their storage capacity.


What is the role of lighting in closet design?

Lighting adds ambiance and ease to the closet. A well-lit closet spotlights your fashion collection. And being able to clearly see your personal inventory of clothes and accessories while sorting through your wardrobe will make it much quicker to decide what to wear at any hour of the day.


Solid doors? Glass doors? No doors? What’s the trend for luxury closets?

I love creating a mix of all these elements. Not only does it add a nice depth to the design; it also gives the client flexibility in terms of how they want to access different parts of their wardrobe: what they want to keep in sight, what they want to conceal, and which items they use most frequently and want readily available without having to open doors or drawers.

Design trends for luxury closets


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