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Kitchen designed for Millennials

Designing Kitchens For Millennials

When it comes to designing their living spaces, Millennials want to be actively involved in the process. This generation is very selective about what they own, wanting to surround themselves with objects with a story that represents what they stand for. 

The Millennial lifestyle is dynamic, creative, collaborative, and socially connected, so they look for homes that can support all that, providing not only comfort but also inspiration - on a daily basis. As the heart of the home, the kitchen can set the tone for the entire space.

So, what are the musts of kitchen design for Millennials? Let’s take a look.


Personalization is a hot concept in kitchen design right now and its rise in popularity has a lot to do with Millennials’ need to express their unique identities. Nothing other than complete customization will do.

Like homeowners from other generations, Millennials gravitate towards a neutral color palette – mostly the Nordic feel of greys and whites – but don’t shy away from accents of bold colors, whether it’s in the cabinets, the walls, or the décor.

Melamine and lacquer are great cabinet finishes for them because, when combined together, they can create an interesting look that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance (another must for this busy generation).

City loft kitchen for Millennials

Millennials like a clean, modern look but their taste for the eclectic makes them want to mix styles, bringing together the old and the new. That, paired with an urban lifestyle, makes industrial kitchen design a popular choice for this generation. Think a contrast of rustic wood, glass and metal plus vintage decorations to complement the exposed bricks and pipes of typical city lofts. 

Colorful kitchen design for Millennials


Compared to previous generations, Millennials tend to live in smaller homes and move a lot more. For this reason, they need adaptable furniture that:

  • can make the most of the available space;
  • can be disassembled easily and moved to a new home.

Custom European kitchen cabinets offer just that.

At the same time, Millennials love “fluid” living spaces with fewer partitions and rooms that can change and grow with their needs. That means that their kitchen should be designed to be a multi-purpose area with dynamic components to welcome social interactions, entertainment and even function as an office, when needed.

Open-layout Millennial kitchen


For Millennials, the home needs to support their tech-driven life. The kitchen, especially, must enable the use of different devices at once and include a host of smart appliances that can be controlled at a distance.


Millennials care about the environment. Their choices are motivated by a desire to protect the planet and their own health. So, they look for energy efficient appliances, recycled materials, reclaimed wood, and low-VOC paints. Beyond that, they want to make sure that the brands they select are actively committed to the environment.

Flexible kitchen design for Millennials