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Snaidero Skyline kitchen with grey matte lacquer and light textured wood

Colors and Finishes To Create Contrast In Modern Kitchens

In modern kitchen design, contrast is becoming more and more important and it is an essential element to give your kitchen a distinct personality.

Contrast can be achieved in different ways; for example, by mixing styles (classic and modern, or contemporary and vintage) or by playing with closed and open elements (alternating full cabinets and open shelving systems).

One of the simplest and most popular ways to create contrast in modern kitchens is by using interesting combinations of colors and materials. Modern cabinets with a streamlined design provide a perfect canvas to let colors and materials come to life without other visual distractions.

All the Snaidero kitchens come in a wide range of finishes (including tailor made colors) to help you design a kitchen space with the desired feel.

Here are some examples to get you inspired.


For those who are not afraid of a bold modern look, combining two strong and contrasting colors can make for a show-stopping kitchen – as it’s the case for this OLA20 kitchen pairing a flaming red with the Extra Black matte micalized lacquer of the cabinetry.

OLA20 modern kitchen in flaming red and Extra black lacquer



If you prefer a softer look, you can achieve an elegant contrast by bringing together two neutral colors – like this IDEA kitchen.

IDEA kitchen with two neutral colors creating visual contrast



To make things even more interesting, don’t limit yourself to a contrast of colors. Pair finishes with different textures as well; the options are limitless and each combination can give the space a truly unique ambiance.

In this CODE kitchen, the dark wood helps the Curry Yellow matte lacquer pop:

Modern kitchen in Dark Ash wood and Curry Yellow lacquer


If you prefer lighter woods, add contrast by bringing in some cabinets in a darker lacquer or smooth metal finish:

Snaidero OPERA kitchen in Dry Oak wood and Cement Grey



You don’t have to limit yourself to just two colors and finishes. Use countertops, backsplashes, toekicks, and floors to expand your palette for an even richer visual experience.

Snaidero WAY kitchen combining cabinets in Coffee Elm wood and Ash Resin melamine with Coffee Brown granite countertops:

Kitchen with neutral color palette creating visual contrast


The OPERA kitchen with one wall unit in Arctic White high gloss lacquer, island in Satin Stainless Steel, and Smoked Oak wood used for shelves, table, and an additional wall unit:

Kitchen cabinets in Arctic white lacquer, satin stainless steel, and Smoked Oak wood


WAY kitchen in a very luxurious neutral palette, combining the smooth look of Titanium Grey high gloss lacquer with the grains of Coal Oak wood and the interesting veins of marble:

Modern kitchen with luxurious neutral palette and textured finishes



Woods and solid colors are not the only way to go. Using graphic patterns for cabinets and wall coverings can give your kitchen a distinct feel, with a look that ranges from slightly whimsical to vintage.

ORANGE Evolution cabinetry with Alhambra blue patterns:

Modern kitchen cabinets with fun graphic print


LOFT cabinets with faded Portuguese Azulejos print; working with the raw wood and metal finishes to create a vintage-style kitchen:

Vintage kitchen cabinet print