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Chicago condo kitchen remodel

Chicago Condo Kitchen Remodel Brings A New Feel & Flow To The Space

The decision to combine two adjacent Chicago high-rise condos provided their owner with the opportunity to take on a kitchen remodel that would breathe contemporary sophistication and custom-fitted functionality into the joined space.

Interview with the kitchen designer: Brandy Cohen, Senior Designer of Studio Snaidero Chicago


How did the client want to change the kitchen space?

The two condo units were combined through the spaces occupied by the two previous kitchens (both a Snaidero IDEA model) but the client decided to have the new kitchen in a different area of the home. The layout takes up about 200 square feet and has an L-shape to maximize the use of the space (as opposed to having a long wall unit with island like the previous kitchens).

Chicago modern kitchen remodel in Coffee Elm wood


Aesthetically and functionally, how does the kitchen remodel fit the client’s lifestyle?

Aesthetically, we used Snaidero WAY cabinetry in Coffee Elm paired with quartzite slabs for countertops and backsplashes to get a very clean, contemporary look.

The functionality of the new kitchen hinges on a few specific design choices we made:

  • The sink and cooktop face each other (one on the island and one on the back wall), allowing the client to move easily from one to the other while having a wide surface for food preparation on both sides of each work units.
  • The countertops sit higher than average to accommodate for the client’s height.
  • Plenty of pantry space, deep drawers and appliances garages within the cabinets keep all cooking items off the counters. This allows for the full use of the counter surfaces when cooking while maintaining a clean, uncluttered look that lets the floor-to-ceiling window views take over the space.
  • The depth of the upper cabinets varies depending on use and placement. The cabinets housing appliances garages are deeper and placed to the sides to enable maximum capacity. The cabinets over the work units are shallower so the client won’t hit her head while cooking.

L-shaped Chicago modern kitchen with Snaidero WAY cabinets


What current kitchen trends does this remodel embrace? 

There are several aesthetic trends this kitchen remodel reflects:

  • The handle-free design featuring straight, clean lines and visual continuity using the same finish throughout.
  • The neutral color palette with a warm, dark wood.
  • The “waterfall” edge on the island, which also gives a sense of visual continuity.


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