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WAY Materia ceramic kitchen cabinet finishes

Best Kitchen Finishes: The Sophisticated, Functional Beauty of Ceramic Surfaces

Modern home living calls more and more for kitchen finishes that deliver both a luxury feel and high practicality.

Enter WAY Materia – an evolution of Snaidero’s best-selling, GOOD DESIGN™ award-winning WAY cabinetry system. The new model continues Snaidero’s tradition of combining made-in-Italy craftsmanship, design expertise, and technology to bring innovation to the kitchen space. 

WAY Materia introduces the use of ceramic for cabinet doors and countertops, with stunning aesthetic and functional results.



The Material

Laminam surfaces in pure porcelain stoneware are used for the large, 3 mm thick ceramic slabs that cover the cabinet doors and the 12 cm thick countertops.

WAY Materia kitchen cabinets and countertops finishes in ceramic


The Aesthetics

With its textured appearance and delicate nuances, the ceramic finish gives the kitchen a sophisticated “skin” with a high architectural impact. WAY’s pure lines and handle-free, clean design let the material pop and permeate the entire space with an exclusive ambiance.

There are six different finishes available, each offering a unique feel:

Snaidero's ceramic finishes for kitchen cabinets and countertops


The lighter finishes can be combined with elements in dark wood to add drama to the room, as in this combination of Calce Grigio ceramic and Coal Oak wood:

Calce grey ceramic and Coal Oak kitchen cabinet finishes


The darker ceramic finishes (like the Ossido Nero) can be paired with lighter woods (like Dry Oak) for an interesting contrast:

Snaidero WAY Materia Oxide Black ceramic and Dry Oak wood kitchen cabinet finishes


The Functional Qualities

The WAY Materia ceramic surfaces are incredibly strong and durable, bringing functionality to a whole new level and making them one of the best kitchen finishes available.

  • The colors remain unaltered over time, even when the cabinets and countertops are exposed to the wear and tear of weather (which makes this type of finish suitable for outdoor kitchens too).
  • The ceramic surfaces are resistant to fire, heat, scratches, and stains. They can come in direct contact with oil, wine, hot liquids and hot pans coming straight from the stove without being affected or damaged.
  • The ceramic countertops are also hygienic and antibacterial. That, combined with their resistance to sharp blades, makes them natural chopping boards for food preparation.
  • The finishes are low maintenance, as they can be easily cleaned with a sponge soaked in warm water and a squeeze of liquid detergent.


See more of WAY Materia or visit one of our showrooms to explore this kitchen design and its ceramic finishes up-close.