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Window treatments in a modern kitchen

7 Window treatment ideas for contemporary and transitional style kitchens

By guest blogger, Jane Blanchard 

Window treatments are a tricky part of the overall ambiance design of a kitchen: if not done right, they can literally become a sore spot that steals the attention in a bad way and ruins an otherwise perfect kitchen. Elegant simplicity is the name of the game in both contemporary kitchens and “transitional” kitchens that blend traditional and contemporary elements, so their window treatments should follow the same philosophy and there are many ways to accomplish that.

Here are 7 very different window treatment ideas for contemporary and transitional kitchens that will hopefully give you some inspiration.

1. Versatile Cellular Shades

Acting as sun panels, cellular shades actually move up and down the window frame as necessary to filter light.

Kitchen window treatment: cellular shades

Source: Houzz

Besides their functionality, this type of shades can be a great design touch, as you can adjust them at different levels to add interest to the space. The soft glow through the shades adds a comforting decor appearance to the entire kitchen and its surroundings, which makes this window treatment ideal for open floor plan kitchens.

2. Bold Shades

Simplicity doesn’t mean you can’t go a little bold with an ornate window treatment. This transitional kitchen is perfectly accented by its Roman shade.

Roman shades as a kitchen window treatment

Source: Snaidero

Both the pattern and color of the shade fit the palette and style of the kitchen design, while making the window stand out. The simple treatment design bunches up as you open the shade while conforming to the window when completely dropped down. Classy and visually interesting.

3. Valances

Valances are a form of window treatment that covers the uppermost part of the window and are sometimes used to conceal existing darpery hardware. Valances are often paired with blinds or curtains but, when used alone, they can offer that simpler touch that goes well with contemporary and transitional kitchens.

Stenciled valance for a kitchen window

Source: Hunted Interiors

The design of this valance was stenciled on and we really like the interesting bottom hemline. Defining a window’s top section adds interest and height to the kitchen.

4. Window Treatments in Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Use bamboo as a window treatment that is environmentally friendly and gives your contemporary or transitional kitchen a warm, unique look.

Bamboo window treatments for the kitchen

Source: Snaidero USA

Even a basic black and white kitchen is dazzling with this treatment addition and the effect of the sunlight shining through the bamboo shades can be quite stunning.

5. See-Through Drapes

You can never go wrong with elegant drapes. Tailored pleat or pinch pleat drapery is going to bring some movement to your kitchen design and see-through drapes will give your cabinetry enough protection from the sun while creating beautiful light reflections.

See-through kitchen drapes

Even more elegant is using two layers of drapes: a lighter, super see-through one internally and a thicker external layer in a color that complements or provides contrast to the rest of the space. In the kitchen below, the fabric of the drapes hit by the sun creates a nice visual dialogue with the shimmering finish of the kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen with 2 layers of drapes

Source: Snaidero

6. Classic Blinds

Basic blinds might not sound like a very high-end choice but don’t discount them just yet. When done right, they can be the understated touch you need when you want your contemporary or transitional kitchen to be the center of the attention.

Window blinds in a transitional kitchen

Source: Snaidero USA

Choose thick, thin, wide or narrow blinds to fit your personality and pick a color to contrast the kitchen cabinetry.

Window blinds in contemporary kitchen

Source: Snaidero

7. Electric Roller Blinds for Lighting Control

Whether you have huge windows or just a view past the kitchen sink, electric roller blinds offer versatility and a fun remote control opportunity. With the sun glaring into the kitchen, press a button to move the blinds down from across the room.

Kitchen with electric roller blinds

Source: Snaidero USA

You can choose thicker or more see-through blinds depending on the desired effect and how much you want to highlight the views from your windows.

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