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Snaidero USA's ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury modern kitchen collection


Luxury modern kitchens are all about creating a sense of exclusivity. It’s about knowing that you own something that only a few can have; something that feels uniquely personal because there is no other piece that is quite like it. 

The new ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchen collection by Snaidero USA - available solely in North and Central America, Venezuela, and Colombia - was created to bring an unprecedented level of customization in luxury kitchen design.

Here are the six must-haves that ELEGANTE Bespoke embraces to deliver the coveted aura of exclusivity.


“The future is dead. Retro is the new future.” – Simon Reynolds

Looking back and valuing the past is no longer something that only traditional design does. It is now a big part of luxury modern kitchens as well.

Cold minimalism is being replaced by a subtle retro feel that brings character and warmth back to the kitchen space. This can be created either by mixing modern cabinetry with vintage accessories or choosing wood finishes that recall furnishings of past decades.

The ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchens by Snaidero USA embrace this concept by using woods like Heartwood and Rosewood, a favorite of mid-century furniture. The modern touch comes through the streamlined cabinetry design and by pairing these woods with innovative new finishes, like Snaidero’s textured-looking Ossido Nero ceramics:

Snaidero USA's ELEGANTE Bespoke H01 Heartwood luxury modern kitchen



Dark woods are as luxury as it can get when it comes to modern kitchen finishes. A dark wood commands and fills a space like no other finish can, while exuding unparalleled timeless elegance. To enhance the beauty and texture of the wood even more, luxury modern kitchens now pair dark woods with lighter, brighter, and smooth finishes that create a stunning visual juxtaposition.

In this E02 ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchen, the beautiful grain of the matte Night Eucalyptus wood is highlighted by the addition of the polished stainless steel surfaces:

Snaidero USA's E02 ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury kitchen in matte Night Eucalyptus and stainless steel



Exotic woods with interesting grains and textures convey that sense of exclusivity and prestige that is a must in luxury modern kitchen design.

The E04 | E05 ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchen features Fume’ Eucalyptus in matte and high gloss. It is a strong and dense wood with a dark reddish-brown color and a slightly interlocked, ripply grain that makes for a very sophisticated and unique look:

Snaidero USA's E05 ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury modern kitchen in high gloss Fume' Eucalyptus

Snaidero USA's E05 ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury kitchen



More and more, luxury kitchens must create a visual dialogue with the open living space that surrounds them.

In this E02 ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchen, simple geometries and the careful placement of light help the cabinetry mirror the architecture of the home and let the materials set the mood:

Snaidero USA's E02 ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury kitchen in matte Night Eucalyptus

Island of E02 ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury modern kicthen by Snaidero USA



Open shelving has become very popular in modern kitchen design and even more so in luxury kitchens, where it gives you the opportunity to showcase your finest dinnerware and objects of high-end design.

In the ELEGANTE Bespoke collection, open shelves systems also allow luxury homeowners to create a very unique design with visual points of interest and architectural character – like in this H01 Heartwood kitchen:

Open shelves in H01 ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury kitchen in Heartwood finish



The modern luxury home is one that feels like a personalized retreat designed to be truly one-of-a-kind - like its owner. This means flowing spaces punctuated by the different stylistic influences that are part of the homeowner’s unique story and rooms graced by a hand-picked selection of rare finds and prestigious materials.

The ELEGANTE Bespoke collection by Snaidero USA allows you to fully personalize your kitchen by:

  • Mixing and matching design elements (cabinets, shelves, handles, doors, storage components and accessories) from different cabinetry models in the Snaidero System collection;
  • Creating very custom combinations of materials by pairing each of its eight exclusive wood finishes – Heartwood, Rosewood, Fume’ Eucalyptus (matte and high gloss), Night Eucalyptus (matte and high gloss), and Pearl Eucalyptus (matte and high gloss - with a wide range of matte, high gloss, metallic, and mica-based lacquers, as well as glass, ceramics, melamine, and laminates.

H01 ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury modern kitchen by Snaidero USA


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