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Trendy kitchen designs for 2018

2018 Modern Kitchen Trends Are All About This One Thing

Subtle changes are happening in modern kitchen design and they are mostly revolving around the finishes we choose for our kitchens.

With lines and volumes staying simple and streamlined to deliver the effortless look we’ve grown to love, it’s the colors and finishes that set the mood for the space and make it unique. Craftsmanship and technological innovation can make a big difference in the quality of the materials we select.  

Here is how finishes are dictating modern kitchen trends in 2018.

Dark and Natural

In 2018, modern kitchen design means embracing the sophisticated beauty of dark, natural tones.

The all-white look is not so hot anymore and dark kitchens are in. A dark kitchen – especially one with a wood finish with interesting veneers – has elegance and personality that cannot be denied and can set the tone for the entire house.

Even trendier is pairing a dark wood with a lighter, brighter finish to create an appealing visual juxtaposition that will enhance the beauty of the wood even more.

2018 modern kitchen trends: dark tones


50 Shades of Grey, with a Two-Tone Play

In 2018, grey is the new neutral color of choice.

Just like dark woods, grey has replaced white as a dominant color palette for the modern kitchen.

Far from being dull and boring, grey actually has a lot of range as a color. It can be both soothing and exciting. It has a naturally sophisticated feel. It makes other colors pop more. In fact, just like it happens for dark woods, greys can look even better when juxtaposed to a different color/material for a two-tone effect – another big trend for modern kitchens in 2018.

White is always a good contrast color for grey but so are warmer – and less predictable - tones like a light wood, gold, copper, or bronze.

2018 modern kitchen trends: grey cabinets

2018 modern kitchen trends: two-tone cabinets


Industrial Beauty

In 2018, modern kitchen design means mixing styles and influences, especially industrial ones. Clean aesthetics continue to dominate but cold minimalism is being replaced by accents that bring character to the kitchen.

In this case, too, it’s all about the finishes and highlighting the raw beauty of materials typically used in industrial spaces: bricks, unpolished wood, concrete, glass, pewter and steel.

The Snaidero LOFT cabinetry model by Michele Marcon Design embraces this trend, giving you the flexibility to choose the right balance of industrial vs. modern elements to suit your personal taste:

2018 modern kitchen trends: industrial spaces

Snaidero LOFT industrial style modern kitchen


Innovative Finishes

In 2018, modern kitchen design means welcoming ground-breaking finishes created through innovative technologies.

Snaidero’s mica-based lacquers, on the other hand, are an innovative variation to the popular lacquer finishes for modern kitchens. Manufactured using mica – a mineral – these new types of lacquers are not as reflective as high gloss lacquers but have a certain transparency that produces a luxurious pearl-like shimmer that varies slightly based on how the light hits the surface. They bring a distinct mood and aesthetic to the modern kitchen:

Snaidero's mica-based lacquer



In 2018, modern kitchen design is about playing with textures. That can mean using raw, unpolished materials (which is why the industrial look is so popular) as well as polished finishes that give the appearance of texture.

For example, Snaidero recently introduced cabinet and countertop surfaces in pure porcelain stoneware (ceramic); a strong, durable finish that gives your kitchen a sophisticated and nuanced “skin” with high architectural impact. Here is the finish used for the WAY Materia model:

2018 modern kitchen trends: textured finishes


Glass Reveals

In 2018, modern kitchen design means embracing glass doors more and more as an alternative for upper and wall cabinets.

Depending on the frame design, a glass unit can look very contemporary or closer to a boiserie of the past. Either way, it provides visual variety and an additional design element to mix with solid cabinets and floating shelves to personalize your kitchen.

2018 modern kitchen trends: glass units

Glass cabinet doors for modern kitchens