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ELEGANTE Bespoke | Cabinetry For The Exceptional Home


The indulgence of interiors that are purely modern, intimately personal, and absolutely exceptional.

With its light tone and vertical grain, Pearl Eucalyptus brings a relaxed atmosphere of quiet sophistication to your kitchen and bath. It is one of the prestigious wood finishes of the ELEGANTE Bespoke luxury cabinetry collection made by Snaidero USA and available exclusively for the Americas.

Customize your E03 | E04 ELEGANTE Bespoke bathroom or kitchen down to every detail by choosing your one-of-a-kind combination of design elements from Way, Look, Opera, Orange, or Code in the Signature Collection. Enhance the beauty of Pearl Eucalyptus wood – in E03 High Gloss or E04 Matte - by pairing it with any of our other finishes: tailor made and standard lacquers (matte and high gloss), high gloss metallic lacquers, mica-based lacquers, glass (matte and bright), ceramics, melamine, stainless steel, and high gloss laminate.


Luxury modern kitchen and bath cabinets unmatched in style and versatility, for those who want to own that which only a few can have.
With exclusive and precious finishes and endless design combinations, the ELEGANTE collection offers unprecedented customization in high-end kitchen and bath design. Marrying the impeccable quality of Italian craftsmanship with technological innovation, the ELEGANTE Bespoke kitchens and baths cabinetry elevates the entire home with its timeless allure and contemporary elegance.