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Modern Home Design: Setting A Definitive Mood for Every Room

Modern home design is all about personalization, evoking emotions, and creating specific atmospheres. There are two different approaches to this. You can choose to have a single concept or motif carry out through the entire home and develop a very … Continue reading

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3 Green aromatic herbs to bring a world of flavor to your kitchen

As a symbol of prosperity and abundance, renewal, balance and nurturing, green is a great color to have in your kitchen – whether it comes from finishes, accents, paint or just simply, your food! To celebrate green and the positivity … Continue reading

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Azulejos patterns: From ancient architecture to your modern kitchen

A staple of Portuguese (and, to a lesser extent, Spanish) architecture, Azulejos are painted tin-glazed ceramic tiles. They have been used for centuries on walls, floors, vaults and ceilings of churches, palaces, private homes and, more recently, even restaurants and … Continue reading

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As our food habits change, so does kitchen design

Our relationship with food has evolved in the last few years. More and more people have picked up cooking as a hobby, following specific dietary needs and a desire for healthier eating using better ingredients or simply spurred by the … Continue reading

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