Modern Home Design: Setting A Definitive Mood for Every Room

Modern home design is all about personalization, evoking emotions, and creating specific atmospheres.

There are two different approaches to this. You can choose to have a single concept or motif carry out through the entire home and develop a very cohesive design around it or – here’s to you, eclectic souls! – you can give each room a distinct personality.

Modern living room furniture by Snaidero USA Living

How do you go about accomplishing that?

Pick furniture with character

Italian company, Smania manufactures furniture and accessories for modern home living that help create environments with very definitive moods. All the Smania collections feature intense, bold designs that bring together a range of styles – from the more contemporary to the slightly more conservative and the Art Deco-inspired.

Modern home design by Snaidero USA Living

All the products are the result of a design process that includes both the research for innovation and the passion of craftsmen still working mostly by hand.

However you choose to mix and match the different furnishing elements (from couches and side tables to beds, lamps and wall décor), you will be able to realize room designs that make you feel enveloped in a world onto itself.

Modern bedroom design by Snaidero USA Living

Play with colors, light, and shape

Creating strong juxtapositions of colors and patterns helps you add drama to the space, even more so when you place ambiance lights in such a way to direct the eye towards specific contrasts and elements.

To avoid overdoing it, stick to a palette of 2-3 colors or pick a base color that ties everything together and then go bold with a few accents.

Drama and mood can also emerge out of playing with different shapes. Look at a room design that combines straight lines, curves and sharp angles and you will notice the effect:

Modern dining room by Snaidero USA Living

Accessorize with flair

A few smartly picked accessories can go a long way towards setting the mood for your room. Lamps with a dynamic design, tall and interesting vases, sculptural elements and large wall art can completely change the character of the space, even when all the other furniture has a relatively understated design.

Modern dining room furniture by Snaidero USA Living

Choose the right materials

Materials and finishes are also very important when creating a mood for the space. Look for:

  • materials with texture and patterns that feel “three-dimensional” and can stimulate both the eye and the sense of touch;
  • finishes and upholstery that change look based upon how the light hits them;
  • woods with interesting veins.

Modern bedroom furniture by Snaidero USA Living
The Smania collections of modern home design is now available in North America exclusively through Snaidero USA Living.

How do you add mood and character to your home design?




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