Memorable kitchen scenes in the movies: Something’s Gotta Give

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The philosophy behind the Snaidero kitchen brand is that “form follows life”: great kitchen designs create spaces that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle; spaces where life happens and special memories are born. This is increasingly true now that the kitchen is becoming an open, multi-purpose room where we gravitate often when we’re home.

So, as a celebration of the role kitchens play in our lives, we are exploring memorable kitchen scenes in movies!

Something’s Gotta Give (2003): Kitchen Scenes

Something's Gotta Give posterIn this comedy, Jack Nickolson plays Harry Sanborn, an aging playboy who only dates much younger women but eventually ends up falling in love with one of his young conquests’ mother (Erica Barry, a successful writer played by Diane Keaton). The kitchen is the setting for several important scenes in the first part of the story.

At the start of the movie, Harry and his young lover arrive at her mother’s home in The Hamptons, convinced that she’s not there and they can have the place for themselves all weekend long.

However, Erica returns home unexpectedly to find Harry in his underwear in her kitchen and mistakes him for an intruder. When the daughter clears the misunderstanding, Erica is less than thrilled to find out her daughter is dating a much older man and her disapproval of Harry’s lifestyle is immediately apparent, while he reciprocates by labeling her as uptight.

After suffering a heart attack during the weekend, Harry is forced to stay at Erica’s house for a few days to recover while her daughter heads back to New York. The two become unwilling roommates as their dislike for one another remains palpable. Meanwhile, Erica is courted by Harry’s doctor, a much younger guy (played by Keanu Reeves), who asks her out on a date during a conversation they have – guess where – in her kitchen.

Something's Gotta Give kitchen scene 1

Something's Gotta Give movie kitchen scene 2

Back from her date with the doctor and working on her computer, Erica receives a chat request from Harry, who’s in his room in another part of the house and wants details about the date. The two end up deciding to meet in the kitchen for a late night pajama party and pancakes.

Something's Gotta Give movie kitchen scene 3

Something's Gotta Give characters walking towards kitchen

The little rendezvous turns their relationship around as they start developing a real connection, which is gleefully picked up by Erica’s daughter when she arrives unannounced while they are cooking and chatting.

Something's Gotta Give movie kitchen scene 5

Later, after breaking up with Harry, Erica’s daughter convinces her to let go of her remaining prejudices against Harry and explore what the relationship might bring. The setting of the conversation is, once again, the kitchen.

Something's Gotta Give movie kitchen scene 6

Once they finally allow themselves to fall in love with each other, Erica and Harry celebrate their topsy-turvy relationship with a romantic candlelight dinner, sitting at the kitchen island during a rainstorm.

Something's Gotta Give kitchen island  candlelight dinner

While the story takes further turns before reaching the inevitable happy ending, it’s interesting to see how the kitchen is the backdrop of subtle but important moments in the characters’ relationship. It certainly feels like the kitchen is the center around which the action revolves through the entire part of the movie set inside Erica’s home.


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