Ola20, a contemporary re-styling of a classic kitchen, wins the Good Design Award

Ola20, the re-styling of Snaidero’s classic Ola system by Pininfarina Design, was named a winner of the 2011 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards in the Kitchen/Appliances category. The Awards are voted on by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design – a 61-year-old worldwide renown institution – in conjunction with The European Centre for Architecture and Urban Studies.

The old Ola kitchen and the new Ola20

While still a favorite, the iconic Ola (left in the image above) needed to be updated to better respond to evolving demands in terms of kitchen functionality and aesthetics.  The re-styling accomplished that by following a blueprint which reflects what a kitchen should be about: A fusion of the best of the past, adapted to the needs of the present with a constant eye to the future. 

Ola20 has distinct functional areas that flow seamlessly next to each other, highlighted by the use of different forms and materials. Multiple layouts are available (with either island or peninsula) to adapt to any space and user habits.

Snaidero's Ola20 contemporary kitchen

The design creates a fluid space suitable for multiple activities, even carried out simultaneously. The flexible layouts make Ola20 a perfect fit for open floor plans where the kitchen intersects and merges with the living. It’s ideal for both social gatherings and more intimate situations. 

Ola20 incorporates signature Pininfarina features that bring an elegant edge to the kitchen; at the same time, curvilinear shapes envelope the space providing a comforting feel. The trademark Ola curves have been softened, made more contemporary. They now accent the side cabinets, the integrated hood, and the island/peninsula countertop, which also sits on a curved sculpted base made of hand-sanded multi-layered wood.

Island and peninsula countertop base in sculpted, multilayered wood

With its applications of automotive engineering, the Ola20 design shows how aesthetics can merge with technology and how technology can enhance beauty.

  • The unique shape of the hood allows for a wider-than-usual ventilation area while its structure of sandwiched fiberglass and low-density polyurethane makes it light yet resistant.

Ola20 integrated curvilinear hood

  • The integrated handle is built as an aluminum channel running through the entire width of the door; a design that provides both an ergonomic grip and aesthetic finesse.
  • The island countertop is in Corian; a material that makes it easy to integrate glass induction stoves with anti-drip edges. As a practical alternative, portable induction cook tops can be moved around and placed where it’s most convenient.
  • In the island layout the streamlined hood with fitted lights is 59 inches long, allowing for the perfect illumination of the entire countertop surface.

Kitchen island with Corian countertop and integrated glass induction cook tops with anti-drip edges

The design makes use of colors and materials, not just shapes, to create movement and generate different atmospheres within the same space. The new Ola20 finish is a type of lacquer that contains powdered mica with tiny reflective flakes. This results in iridescent paints with reflections that are much brighter and more refined than those produced by a high-gloss metallic lacquer; thus, the surfaces change hue depending on light and observation point.

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