Modern Home Design: Setting A Definitive Mood for Every Room

Modern home design is all about personalization, evoking emotions, and creating specific atmospheres.

There are two different approaches to this. You can choose to have a single concept or motif carry out through the entire home and develop a very cohesive design around it or – here’s to you, eclectic souls! – you can give each room a distinct personality.

Modern living room furniture by Snaidero USA Living

How do you go about accomplishing that?

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3 Green aromatic herbs to bring a world of flavor to your kitchen

As a symbol of prosperity and abundance, renewal, balance and nurturing, green is a great color to have in your kitchen – whether it comes from finishes, accents, paint or just simply, your food!

Modern kitchen with green lacquer cabinet finish

To celebrate green and the positivity it can awaken in us, we’ve picked three green aromatic herbs that we should all use more in our cooking because they are fun, tasty and healthy.


Tarragon, green aromatic herb

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Azulejos patterns: From ancient architecture to your modern kitchen

A staple of Portuguese (and, to a lesser extent, Spanish) architecture, Azulejos are painted tin-glazed ceramic tiles. They have been used for centuries on walls, floors, vaults and ceilings of churches, palaces, private homes and, more recently, even restaurants and public transportation stations.

Vault decorated with Azulejos patternsSource:

Besides their aesthetic value as beautiful decorations, the Azulejo tiles also served a functional purpose in architecture by keeping the building temperature stable.

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As our food habits change, so does kitchen design

Our relationship with food has evolved in the last few years. More and more people have picked up cooking as a hobby, following specific dietary needs and a desire for healthier eating using better ingredients or simply spurred by the “cooking show/celebrity chef” culture.

How have these changes influenced contemporary kitchen design?

Six Italian designers have recently pitched in on the subject, including Pietro Arosio, one of Snaidero’s design partners. Here are the major themes they highlighted.

Focus on high-performing appliances

There is definitely a shift towards industrial-style appliances, like the ones once used only by restaurants. More attention is also placed on choosing the right appliances that fit the user’s own eating habits. Ever increasing options and functionality from appliance manufacturers make this easy to d

High-performing appliances in modern kitchen design

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